Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lucky escape

Ah, where do I begin? How I loathe Jakarta? That sounds about right. The ongoing love-hate relationship I have with Jakarta continues. After not being back for years, I was back for a total of 24 hours before the flood started to overtake the city. In some foolish wishful thinking, I was hoping that the water levels would go down and the flood would pass, but there was no such thing. My escape was yesterday afternoon, and that was another story altogether.

The water level was around 2 meters last night. When it is taller than the average human being, chance is that there is no boats. Yes, boats. No, we don't row them, someone else pushes them. Yes, I know, another story altogether. And I shouldn't be blogging because I am so tired and so pissed off.

Then again, can't fight mother nature.

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  1. Glad you got out safely! Sounds scary.

    Invest in a power bank for your mobile phone. This can solve one of the problems.


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